Appla: The new era of online shopping


Appla aims to revolutionize the world of online shopping in Cyprus.

The largest online shopping platform is here to bring the country to the digital era, and increase the economic activity of both the merchants and the consumers.

Through its sophisticated platform, Appla will help retail shops to overcome the obstacles of the digital transformation and increase their sales!

As of today, a growing number of businesses have expressed their interest to join Appla, making their first step in Appla’s digital revolution!

Let’s talk numbers

According to Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, responsible for publishing high-quality Europe-wide statistics and indicators that enable comparisons between countries and regions, as of 2020, 91% of the Cyprus population use the Internet on a daily basis, a number which is well above the EU average of 89%.

Additionally, Cyprus also ranks on the second place in EU, regarding the adoption of Social Media, with 83% of the population having a personal profile, on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more.

In contrast, Cyprus ranks almost at the bottom of EU ranking, on the company side of things. According to Eurostat, only 15% of Cyprus-based retail companies have an online presence, while just 6% of those tend to utilize the power of the internet and social media to grow their profits.

During the past 12 months, an average consumer – and resident of Cyprus – has completed on average 47 transactions and purchases. This number, while greater than the numbers recorded on the pre-pandemic market, is still below the European median.

It is important to note that online purchases in the past 3 months ranged between €1 to €499 euros.

The platform

The registration on Appla’s online shopping platform is totally free, with no hidden or monthly fees. As the company representatives noted, the cost of getting your store on Appla’s platform is also non-existent.

In combination with the aforementioned, Appla offers all its partners the options for free Customer and Technical Support, along with various options for online marketing and promotion of their products, through the platform or the company media channels (blog, social media etc.)

Additionally, Appla will offer to all its partners the necessary statistics and market insights, to help them increase their sales and profits.

“The ultimate goal” as the company has stated, is the creation of a multi-vendor online shopping platform, where Appla and its business partners can reach as many consumers as possible.

Contact Appla today to join the new era of online shopping or for any further information needed.
Email: [email protected]
Contact Tel.: 24506800

Appla: The new era of online shopping

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